About Cashmirino

Cashmirino is a family-owned, high-end children’s clothing label born in Italy and based in London. With strong ethical values and a loyal international customer base, Cashmirino is a luxury children’s clothing atelier setting the bar high for designer slow fashion for kids.

Inspired by the birth of her first daughter, Maria Busquets founded Cashmirino after the arrival of her second child in 2000. She longed to find her little ones gentle and delightful clothes that captured the essence of childhood in all its magic, but found very little that fit the bill.

Maria’s vision was simple. She wanted to dress children as children in unique and comfortable clothes made with care and love. Maria’s creative dreams were brought to reality as she became focussed on achieving her ambitions, fuelled by the love she felt for her daughters.

She set out to create a collection of baby and children’s clothes that were delicate and fun, classy and chic, colourful and comfortable. Following the birth of Maria’s son in 2003, she expanded the range to include designs that would fit bigger, masculine newborns using bolder and stronger colours, such as beautiful deep blues and earthy greens.

As fast as Maria’s babies were growing up, Cashmirino was growing too. The brand celebrated the launch of its first showroom and its first store in Milan in Via Solferino, with a second store popping up in Via San Pietro al Orto in 2009. In 2012, Cashmirino was welcomed in London with its first international outlet opening its doors in the prestigious Burlington Arcade, nestled in the heart of Mayfair.

Fast-forward to today and Cashmirino is now also accessible online, and boasts the world’s most diverse collection of cashmere clothes for little ones. In fact, Maria’s vision has grown to include a whole host of unique and sustainable clothes, shoes and accessories in a wide variety of colours and designs for both babies and children.

The magic of every child is encapsulated within each and every garment. Cashmirino’s collections are always comfortable, durable, and made from 100% natural fibres that are kind to even the most delicate skin.

The best quality cottons, linen, Royal alpaca, silk and wool are sourced from trusted artisans around the globe. Age-old traditions of hand embroidery, crocheting, appliqué and smocking are carefully brought to life in stylish and durable pieces your little ones will love to wear, over and again.

Cashmirino’s philosophy of love, care and quality is unwavering in everything they do. And throughout the years their mission has remained the same: to create outfits that children will enjoying wearing, ones that enable them to grow, to learn, and to explore the world as nature intended.

Cashmirino’s collections are timeless, heirloom pieces built for embracing adventure. They are pieces to treasure forever, alongside every precious childhood memory made.