#StayHome #WithMe #WithCashmirino - Jumping Frogs


Frogs Fun Facts:

  1. Frogs are amphibians. There are over 4,700 species of frogs!
  2. Many frogs can jump 20 times their own height
  3. Their call is called a croak. Croaking is used by male frogs as a way to attract females
  4. Frogs don’t drink water with their mouths; they “drink” by absorbing water through their skin
  5. They need to live near water as their skin must constantly be moist. If it dries out the frog dies
  6. They catch their pray with their tongue
  7. Their eyeballs assist them in swallowing food – they push the food down their throat by pushing down the eyeballs
  8. Their vision field is almost 360° so they can see all that is around them all the time!
  9. They breathe through the nose and their skin
  10. They typically lay their eggs in the water. The eggs hatch into tadpoles


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