About Us

In 1999, I gave life to my first masterpiece: my daughter, Sofia.

She completely changed me, and somehow, the strength of this love allowed my creative side to run free. I became connected with an almost unknown part of myself. And all of a sudden, passion, love, and creativity guided me through every step of my life.

At that time, it was difficult to find baby clothes that were as gentle and delightful as Sofia deserved, and the few items that were available were limited. They really didn’t capture Sofia’s unique personality, she didn’t love to wear them, and they didn’t give her the freedom and comfort to be herself.

From here, the dream was simple, and it coincided with the birth of my second masterpiece: Monica. She came to life as my first cashmere collection did. I wanted it to be different, fun, classy, chic, colourful, and available in a variety of different designs. Monica inspired many aspects of this collection, and in kind, Cashmirino became like one of my children.

In 2003, I gave birth to my third and final masterpiece: my son, Nicola. Very quickly, he became a great teacher to me. He helped me to realise big, masculine newborns called for a different design philosophy altogether. My previous collections were designed for delicate figures like those of my daughters. My son arrived strong and round. He also looked better in bolder colours like blue and green. This inspired me to develop and innovate my range continuously — the fire that has helped Cashmirino to grow into what it is today.

As my babies grew up, I had the chance to open my first showroom, followed by our first store in Milan in Via Solferino in the same year, and a second store in Via San Pietro al Orto in 2009.

In 2012, we travelled overseas and opened our first international outlet in London: a cosy, charming store in the perfect location: Burlington Arcade in the heart of Mayfair. Here, and also online, Cashmirino now offers the most diverse collection of cashmere clothes for little ones in the world. Each piece is lovingly sourced from our trusted artisans, and handmade using techniques that are becoming harder and harder to find.

We continue to bring you the best of ourselves, and to follow our philosophy of love, care, and quality in everything we do. Our range is as diverse as we can make it, featuring the best, kindest and most gentle fabrics for delicate skin — like cotton, linen, royal alpaca, silk and wool. We pride ourselves in having a huge selection of colours and designs too, because we love the thought that there’s something in our range for every unique young one.

Our mission remains to dress children as children in the delightful fabrics they so deserve, so that they can grow, learn, explore the world as nature intended.

Welcome to Cashmirino.

Much love,

Maria Busquets