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There are so many reasons to love an infant bodysuit; chubby baby legs on display, for ease when changing diapers and for versatile styling. A bodysuit is an essential, practical item that belongs in every baby and toddler’s wardrobe.
Cashmirino bodysuits are created with comfort in mind, for both you and your little one and completed with an expert finish of hand embroidered detail. Expect a luxurious combination of carefully sourced, natural fibers and our signature eye-catching handmade finish.
How many things do you usually consider when buying a bodysuit? Does how often laundry will be done, how comfortable baby will be and how gentle fabric will be on baby’s skin, form any of your concerns?
Our bodysuits are made from 100%, pure, sustainably sourced Pima cotton. It is a premium natural fiber, ideal for a gentle feel against your baby’s skin. Due to Pima cotton’s much longer, silkier fibers - as compared to normal cotton it gives a higher quality feel, elasticity and is awesomely wrinkle resistant.
Pima Cotton bodysuits are renowned for their durability, their resistance to frequent washes and the magnificent ability to look new after many wears. It is the perfect composition to endure consistent handling and washing. Choosing a Pima cotton bodysuit is also choosing convenience because:


  • Its absorbency gives your little one ultra-comfort and reduces chance of shrinkage after washes
  • Its breathability allows your little one’s skin to breathe in all temperatures. This helps to avoid rashes or skin irritability on baby’s sensitive skin
  • Best of all, Pima cotton is anti-static so there is no hassle when washing or discomfort caused to your little one when fully dressed

 Our body suits feature popper fastening on the gusset for ease in changing diapers. These thoughtfully placed poppers keep nappies secure from baby’s wandering hands yet are easy enough for you to maneuver for a quick change. Also featured are poppers on the shoulder, which allow you to pull the full bodysuit down over baby’s torso, as opposed to over your little one’s head.

How to style a full bodysuit for baby

Bodysuits for babies rank as one of the most versatile pieces to have for a baby. They are a full shirt, underclothing, sleeveless look or with sleeves, all in one! They are suitable for toddlers too; a handy essential to have for their escapades. We create bodysuits for babies and toddlers; catering from sizes one to eighteen months.

Bodysuits can be worn as an undergarment beneath their clothes, covering their skin under clothes, while they are being held or when their clothes raise. Our bodysuits can also be dressed up or down, with cardigan and trousers on a cool day for a smart look or paired with shorts or bloomers on a sunny day.


They are fashionable for all weather, also due to their breathable fabric. Their versatility lies in the myriad of bottoms to be styled with bodysuits - trousers, bloomers, shorts, and skirts! Even for a relaxing day at home, our comfortable Pima cotton bodysuit is still a lovable accessory to leave baby to play in.  


If you are ordering our bodysuits as a gift or thinking of what clothes to buy for a new-born, rest assured premium Pima cotton bodysuits will be a welcome gift for baby or toddler. A bodysuit for baby girl and boy is always on rotation and is a round-the-clock accompaniment to all children’s adventures.

Why Cashmirino 100% Pima Cotton bodysuits?

We think of your child’s comfort, thereby electing only to create in the best natural fibers for your little one’s skin and comfort. Our pieces are timeless due to the resistant nature of our Pima cotton fabric. We pride ourselves in thinking not only of baby’s comfort, but also to provide luxurious, unique pieces which cater to parents and caregivers needs.

We offer a wide variety of colours of short sleeve bodysuits from starch white to hues of pink and blue, all adorned with a fascinating combination of colour contrasting stitch detail on the border of the neck, sleeves, and legs.


Chota 100% Pima Cotton Bodysuit

On each bodysuit, there is the cutest hand embroidered signature bear, dressed in different outfits to ignite yours and your little one's imagination. Each bodysuit with its unique hand embroidery is designed for each day and look, providing your little one with a creative range of everyday hand embroidered bodysuits.


 Puno 100% Pima Cotton Bodysuit

An essential piece can also be stylish; therefore, our long sleeve bodysuits are available in a range of colour trim combinations, along with adorable hand embroidery of our signature bears, distinctive to our brand. Our bodysuits are the perfect introduction to curating a unique wardrobe for your baby.

Ica 100% Pima Cotton Bodysuit  

Find a selection of long and short sleeve bodies for baby boy and girl, completed with a stylish handmade touch.




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