Lessons with Dad: Dogs

Good Morning my little friends,

I am the Cashmirino bear dad.   As I am very passionate about animals, my kids Neni and Nat, suggested I should write for you one of the animal stories I tell them at bedtime. However, you will need to pay close attention, as I like to ask questions to my little audiences at the end of each story


First of all, I want you to guess which animal is today’s story about...

Hint: It’s sometimes small, sometimes very big, sometimes friendly and other times naughty. Some sleep all day long and some are very energetic. It’s covered with fur and enjoys a good belly rub. It eats a lot and laps at water. It has a tail, which wags very much when it is happy. Their noses are usually wet and they lick you when they like you. Can you guess which animal this is?

Yes, you are correct! It is a dog!

Dogs are often referred to as a ‘man’s best friend’. This is because they are very special loyal creatures. When you care for a dog with love and affection, they love you right back. They are also our best friends because dogs are very good companions to have. They are very much like humans! They are warm-blooded like us, they eat meat and little cookies like us, and they have feelings just like us.

Some people keep dogs inside and treat them as family. They lie in your bed, they walk around your home and they have mealtime and bedtime just like you. Exactly as we do with our little WEKI . Dogs kept inside homes are called pet dogs. Other people also have dogs guard their homes; these dogs are meant to scare strangers away to keep the home safe. They are called guard dogs. Dogs also have other abilities: did you know all dogs have a very keen sense of smell? It’s no use hiding something from a dog; their noses will sniff it out in a second! Dogs that have an extremely good sense of smell are trained by hunters to sniff out preys and protect them from attacks from wild animals. These dogs are called hunting dogs.

The police and military also use dogs to sniff out people, and items that they carry. When people go missing, dogs can sniff until they find them. These are usually called police dogs. Dogs are also very good to persons with disabilities. If a person cannot see or hear or walk, a dog can guide them. For example, have you ever seen a dog beside someone with a walking stick? That dog was probably trained to alert the person when something is wrong. These dogs are called guide dogs/ companion dogs. Now, can you see why dogs are our best friends? They are very nice to us and help us when they can. This is why we also have to be very good to them too.

Though dogs are similar to humans, they are also very different to us. Dogs walk on all four limbs but we walk on two! Dogs have wet noses but we have a dry nose. Their wet noses help them to have their keen sense of smell. Dogs mature faster than humans too: the first 12 months in dog years are equal to 15 human years. The second year of a dog’s life is equal to about nine years of human life! After their second dog year, each human year is 5 dog years! Dogs usually give birth to 4-6 puppies at one time. If the dog is very big, it could even have 8 puppies in one birth! This is called a ‘puppy litter’.

Dogs come in different sizes and types too; there are about 157 recognized dog breeds and definitely more yet to be recognized. Some dogs are pure breeds while others are crossbred between two different types. Purebred means that the dog has parents of the same breed, while crossbred means the two parents are from different breeds.

Specific dog breeds are more common in certain areas rather than others. This is because some dogs do very well in cold temperatures, while some are mostly found in hotter sunny places. You can usually tell which climate they prefer from their fur; very thick long fur means the dog would thrive in colder temperatures, while short fur may not keep them so warm in cold weather.

Have you ever seen a dog in clothes? Some people put their dogs in special clothes to keep them warm in the winter!

Did you know that every dog breed also has its particular characteristics and personality? This is how we know which breed is the perfect match for YOU.

Some dogs are independent and very affectionate with family. Other dogs shed a lot of their fur making a big mess at home! There are also dogs which are very good with children and love the hustle and bustle of a busy home. High- energy dogs exist too; they will climb all over you and never stop darting between your legs. You could get dizzy watching them!

There are also couch potato dogs: they laze away all day on the sofa or in front of the television. Do you have a dog at home? What is their personality like?

Caring for a dog is as important as caring for a new member of the family. You have to remember to feed your dog, to bathe your dog, to take your dog to exercise. Do you go to the park with your parents? Remember to always take your dog along for some exercise. You also need to take him regularly to the vet, to have all his vaccines, and -of course- give your dog lots of love! It is a big responsibility, but it can be very fun! And it is also extremely worth as they give also so much unconditional When your dog is not well, you have to take it to its special doctor; they are called a ‘veterinary’.

Dogs can’t cook for themselves either, so you have to remember to put its food in its special bowl. It is not wise to eat from the same plate as your dog. Most people feed their dog twice a day when it is an adult, but when they are puppies they are fed three to four times a day. They should also always have a full bowl of water ready for them too. Have you ever heard a dog drink water? Can you imitate the sound? That sound is called ‘lapping’.

Do you know what is the breed of your dog or of the dogs you regularly see? If you know their personality you can take a guess after reading below!

Is your dog intelligent?

Intelligent dogs are ones who have very good instincts, are obedient and easily trained. Police dogs are considered very intelligent, others that are intelligent are the Border collie, Poodle, Golden Retriever, Doberman Pinscher, Shetland Sheepdog, Labrador Retriever etc. Intelligent dogs are very good for police duties, because they are sturdy, obedient and have very good noses. Such dogs are trained a lot to be able to go on duties with staff. Examples of good police dogs are German Shepherds, Beagles, Belgian Malinois, Bloodhound, Rottweilers and Labradors and more.

Is your dog small?

The smallest dogs are called Chihuahuas – they usually weigh less than six pounds and are about five to eight inches tall. The world’s smallest dog is a Chihuahua called Miracle Milly – she is 3.8 inches tall and weighs one pound. Other small dog breeds are Pugs, Papillons, Toy poodles, Pomeranians, French bulldogs, Boston Terriers and Bichon Frises and others. Small dogs such as these are usually used as pet dogs too.

Is your dog tall and (or) heavy?

Some dogs are very big. Not all big dogs are aggressive; some of them are very gentle and love small children. English Mastiffs are the biggest dogs in the world, and can weigh as much as 250 pounds! They are usually the heaviest dogs while Great Danes are the tallest dogs. Great Danes are big dogs too, they stand at 28 – 30 inches tall. Other big dogs are Neapolitan Mastiff, Scottish Deerhound, Dogue de Bordeaux and Newfoundland.

Is your dog a family dog?

Does your dog love being around children and the family? The most popular type of dog for families is the Labrador Retriever. It is a gentle, loving and furry dog. Other family dogs are the Golden Retriever, Standard Poodle, Basset Hound, American Pit Bull Terrier and others. If you have a dog at home, ask your parents what type of dog it is.

Is your dog a guide dog?

Guide dogs are also very patient, easily trained and very observant. Most of these types are easily also family dogs for their loving nature. Examples are golden retrievers, Labradors and standard poodles.

Well, I hope today you learnt a bit more about our loyal friends, the dogs. I’ll be back soon with more interesting facts about another animal! Take guesses in the meantime about which animal it could be. You should also take the quiz below to refresh all you just learnt about dogs!

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