DIY Chameleons


Now let’s do a little trivia about chameleons!

1. Q: Which class of animals do chameleons belong to?

Mammals / invertebrates / birds / fish/ reptiles.

2. Q: Can a chameleon be kept as a pet?

3. Q: Chameleons can change their appearance to very bright or dark colors. Why do you think chameleons change colours?

4. Q: Chameleons have very long elastic tongues. What do you think they use them for?

5. Q: Chameleons are just like other lizards and can regrow their tails. True/ False

Check below for all the answers!

A1: Reptiles

A2: Yes they can. Chameleons are very sensitive animals and need to be cared for very differently. They need good temperatures, leaves/ foliage, water and space in their enclose.

A3: Studies have shown chameleons do this to reflect their different moods. They also change color to regulate their temperatures! For example, they will change color to react to excitement, stress or danger.

A4: They use them to catch insects unaware. They have the longest tongues in the lizard family. Sometimes their tongue can be longer than their entire body and moves faster than a second.

A5: False. chameleons cannot regrow their tails.

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