About the founder

Maria Busquets

Venezuelan born, Maria Busquets began her career as a banker at Merrill Lynch. Although she loved her job, she soon realized that banking didn’t fulfil her dream: to create her own baby clothes line using only natural fibres.

“All my life I have always loved baby clothes” she says, “although, I would never buy them as I had no one to buy them for!”.

Things soon changed when her first daughter Sofia was born. Maria began to acquire an overflowing amount of baby clothes. By the time her second beautiful daughter, Monica came along, Maria had become well acquainted with the colours, designs, fabrics and typical motifs available from the limited range of babywear. The vision of children’s apparel made from natural fibres instigated a new design passion, beckoning a new career. In the year 2000, the first pure cashmere baby brand was launched.

Although using cashmere was the initial focal point, Maria decided to create clothing that would work worldwide across various climates and seasons. Harmonising style and ecological concerns, all Cashmirino items are spun from the finest natural fibres of cashmere and cotton.

Maria’s own children have been a great source of inspiration to her and she has even involved them in the creative process. Maria’s Venezuelan roots have also been instrumental in the design process and have given her a greater understanding of the Power of Colours.

Children are the main inspiration of Cashmirino and one of the most important expression of Love is a child. That is the reason why Cashmirino puts all its love into the process of creating the most loving collection for Children”.

Company Model

In the year 2000, the first pure cashmere collection of the brand was launched. Over the years, cotton and linen collections have been added in order to satisfy client’s demand for a Cashmirino’s Summer Collection. In 2008 Cashmirino-Papa was launched for Fathers and Sons that want to be dress alike.

Today Cashmirino is a global brand that offers a range of products that work for all climates and seasons. Cashmirino produces two collections a year: Spring/ Summer and Autumn/Winter targeted from 1 months to 14 years. Each collection comprises approximately 100 styles. The constant search for the best quality of natural fibres led Maria to Inner Mongolia where she found the highest quality yarns. Cashmere, cotton and linen are yarns used by the company. Not only are 100% natural fibres used but the best quality natural fibres from around the world to offer fashion for children in an easy stylish and unique way.

Cashmirino’s pieces are handmade and hand-cut by people working for it worldwide producing pieces made with love, passion and craftsmanship. In this Cashmirino business model, the quality and a wide range of colors have been the key factor from the beginning. Cashmirino is distributed worldwide through top retailers and department stores.

Cashmirino’s style is unique and elegant.