Pesto Lasagne

Serves 4


  • 300g pesto*
  • 1/2 Litre béchamel sauce**
  • 1 pack of fresh lasagne (250g)
  • 200g steamed/boiled green beans
  • 2 tbs parmesan cheese


  1. Add the pesto to the béchamel sauce.

Pesto and béchamel sauce mix2. Take a baking dish, start with a layer of this mixture, then put a layer of lasagna,

3. then the sauce and some chopped green beans, then add lasagna again and so on making around 10-12 layers.

4. Finish with the sauce on top without the green beans.

5. Add two spoons of Parmesan on top.

6. Bake in the oven for about 30mins at 180 C until it forms a golden crust.

* you can use ready-made pesto; if you want to make it yourself, blend the washed basil leaves with garlic, grated Parmesan, salt and oil.

** for the béchamel sauce put 40g butter to melt in a pan, gradually add in 40g of plain flour, cook for a few minutes, add half a litre of milk and half a teaspoon of salt, put back on the heat until it boils and keep on stirring.

This serving is for 4 people, if you want it for more then use a larger pan and double the amount.


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