Stay Home #WithMe #WithCashmirino Mind Triathlon: Memory and Vocabulary


This game consists of three activities that you should complete while you are being timed. All three activities must be completed correctly in order to finish the Mind Triathlon.

This game can be played either individually, each time trying to beat your own time record or between your friends or siblings of similar ages to challenge each other.

If played by several participants, the winner would be the one who has completed all challenges correctly in the least amount of time.

We suggest having all cards set correctly in their starting position before you begin your triathlon. Remember to start the timer and then GO!

The Mind Triathlon is divided into three stages just like the sports Triathlon. In the first section, instead of swimming, you will have a math challenge, the second section instead of running you will have a letter challenge and the last section, instead of biking you will have a spot the difference game.

Each individual challenge is explained below. All the challenges should be prepared prior to the start of the game so that no time is wasted in setting up and positioning the cards correctly.



Preparation of the Math Challenge cards:

1. Use your number cards from the first triathlon and make one more set of number cards as you will need four full sets of number cards, If you have not played the first triathlon yet, this is what you need to do:

• Get some coloured paper and cut them into small rectangles.

• Write a number on each card making sure you have four sets of cards with numbers 0 to 9. Please use the same colour paper for each number

2. Mix all the numbered cards together facing down

3. Lay the cards in rows facing down

4. This first challenge will be a memory card game, ending with an adding exercise for the smaller children and a multiplication exercise for the older ones

Preparation of the cards for the Letter Challenge:

1. Use your alphabet cards from the first triathlon, if you have not played the first triathlon yet, this is what you need to do:

Get some coloured papers and cut them into small rectangles. Make sure to have at least 57 little rectangles.

2. On each card, write a different letter on just one of the two sides. Make sure you make two complete sets of the alphabet and one extra set of vowels.

3. Mix all the cards and put them in a pile making sure they are facing down and ready to be picked for when you get to this challenge

What you will need for the spot the difference game:

• You need the 3 games shown below

• Use one for each triathlon game. The first time you play you will use the spot the difference game number 1, the second time you play you use number 2 …and so on

• Please do not look at these games now, only when you get to this last phase just after you have completed the letter challenge


• Make sure that all the cards are ready and in the correct position for both challenges

• Each participant must have a pen and paper - to write down their scores and to do their calculations on

• Read the below instructions for all challenges and learn what you must do in each phase, so that you don’t lose precious time

• Then decided who will start picking the memory cards first and let the game begin. However, if you are playing alone, please set your timer before you start the math challenge

Math Challenge

How to play:

• The first player will start by turning over any two cards and leave them in exactly the same position

• If the two cards match, keep them and it’s your turn again

• The first match must be kept aside from the others

• If they do not match then turn them back down, then it’s the other player's turn

• It is very important that you remember what was on each card and where it was

• Be very attentive all the time so you remember all the cards or as many as you can

• Once all the matches have been done, and there are no more cards left, you will start your math exercise

• For the younger children you must add all the cards: For example, if you got a match of 9, a match of 8 and a match of 4, then you will add 9+9+8+8+4+4 = 42

• If you make a mistake adding your matched cards, then you will have to deduct from the total the addition of the first match. In our example, if you came up with the wrong total after adding all your cards, then the total score would be 42-9-9=24 instead of 42

• For the older children instead of adding you will multiply all the cards. For, example, in our example, you will multiply 9*9*8*8*4*4 = 82,944. If you made a mistake multiplying you will deduct from the total, the multiplication for the first match. For example, if you did not come up with the correct result after multiplying all the cards, then you must deduct the multiplication of 9*9 so 81 from the total, so the new score will be 82,863 instead of 82,944

• Then put your score onto your piece of paper and go to the next challenge


- No calculators are allowed, but you can use a pen and paper

- All players must use the same calculation symbol, so all players must either add all their cards or all multiply their cards, we cannot have one multiplying and the others adding

- If you play alone, you have 1 minute to get as many matches of cards as possible, remember to turn them back down if you do not find a match

Letter challenge

How to play:

Once the math challenge is completed, move onto your word challenge cards fast, and start by each participant picking 10 cards, from the pile of cards that are be facing down

SET up the timer at 2 minutes, at GO each participant should turn his/her cards to face up and come up with the longest word that uses as many letters as possible from the ones you picked 

For example, if you got the above cards you could have come up with the word “omnipotent”

• At the end of the two minutes, all participants must have written down their word. • To calculate your points you should count the letters of the word you found and multiply it by how many letters from your cards you used in your word. In our example, the word omnipotent has 10 letters and you would have used letters  M, N x2, T x2 and O x2, so 7 letters, so your total score would be 77

• Write down your score on your piece of paper beneath the score of your math challenge, and move onto the next challenge Spot the difference game How to play:

• Once the letter challenge is completed, pick one of the Spot the different games

• All you need to do is find the drawing that has a slight different from the rest, although they all look the same, there is only one with a very small different

• On the count of three, all participants must try to find the different one, whoever sees it first must scream “Found it”

• The participant who finds the difference will get 10 points if the math challenge was an adding exercise, or 50 points if the math challenge was a multiplication exercise

• The participants that did not spot the difference, will score 0 points in this challenge

• If two or more participants spot the difference at the same time, they will all get the same points

Remember that this game is a WINNERS game every one of you is a winner, as each of you participated and finished the triathlon. The Top winner will be the one that gets the highest score when adding the results of all three challenges.

NOTE: Please keep your cards safe, as we will be using them in other mind triathlons and other fun games !!! 


©2020 Maria Busquets Blazquez

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