The Tri-Very Game

Hello my friends, this is your friend Nico again!

I hope you are all keeping safe and learning lots of different things while enjoying being surrounded by your family.

Today we are going to play Scattegories which I prefer to call the Tri-Very game as it is very well known, fun and very easy to play. This is the perfect game to help improve your English vocabulary or even to help you learn a new language! I love playing this game in Spanish with my siblings and my mum.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Who can play:

All the members of the family


  1. Sit at a table and make sure you are sitting spread out (optional).
  2. It is an all against all game (it is possible to play in couples so you can allow children who can't write yet to participate).
  3. Hand out a pen and a piece of paper to each player.
  4. Consult each other to decide the categories which will be fundamental for the game. Possibly 6 or more (ex. of categories: names, objects, national cities, international cities, fruits, vegetables, animals, VIP, movies, characters of movies, brands, rivers, lakes…).
  5. Write down on the paper the categories in order so that you have 6 or more columns.
  6. Write down on a separate piece of paper all the letters of the alphabet randomly. Make sure you cover this sheet.


  1. The game is divided into several rounds (as many as the letters in the alphabet).
  2. Take the paper with the alphabet letters and turn it over so nobody can see where the letters are.
  3. A player drawn at random will make a hole in the paper with a pen. The letter which is selected or is the closest to the hole will be the chosen one for the first round.
  4. As soon as the letter is revealed to everyone, every player (couple) will need to find one word for each category which starts with the chosen letter.

Ex. Chosen letter: A

Names Objects Cities Vegetables Fruits Animals  Total
Alex Album Amsterdam Asparagus Apple Aligator
(5) (10) (10) (20) (5) (10) 60


  1. The first player to finish will watch the others and will start counting to ten. When the ten seconds are up, everyone has to stop writing.
  2. At the end of the round, count the points for each category comparing each others words and add the points to the total score.
  • 10 - points for correct words
  • 5 - points for the correct word, but if the same word has been written down by other players
  • 0 - point for no word
  • 20 - points if the word is correct and no one else has written it
  1. Start all over again and choose another letter and start a new round
  2. The winner will be the player who has scored the most points, counting all the points from every round.

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