Lessons with Mum: Bugs


Hello my little ones,

It’s the Cashmirino bear mum here. Do you remember what my job is? I design clothing for children, and I travel all around the world, looking for the most interesting pieces of fabric I can find. Then I turn them into shirts and dresses and skirts, and everything you can imagine for girls and boys to wear.

Today I want to tell you about an unusual piece of cotton I’ve found. It has loads of bugs all over it – almost as if I went out into the back garden, lifted up a big piece of stone and presto – lots of lovely bugs underneath!

Do you see the piece of fabric here? Do you see all the bugs printed on it? Can you recognise any of them? How many can you count altogether? How many different types can you count?

 Bug print

A concept with legs  

And now I’m going to give you a little lesson to teach you more about some of the bugs you can see in this picture. That way, next time you go to the park, you can see how many of these funny creatures (also called ‘insects’) you can find. Let’s go through a few of them, one-by-one: 

The Grasshopper


The Stag Beetle


The Moth


The Stag Beetle

And so, my children, these are just four of the bugs you can find on my piece of fabric – perhaps you can even find some more? If you do, be sure to draw them and write down more about them, like we have done here. The world is full of insects when you start to look around – see how many you can find in real life, next time you take a walk outside.

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