At Cashmirino, we create more than just clothes; we craft stories of love, tradition, and unparalleled quality.

Our commitment to using natural fabrics honours the purity of a child's delicate skin, reflecting the innocence and joy of childhood.

In the heart of Milan, we are thrilled to announce the opening of our boutique in Via S. Pietro All'Orto 3.

From the very beginning, Cashmirino has stood as a beacon for slow fashion, advocating for high-quality, natural products that defy fleeting trends.

Our creations are conceived to be cherished across generations, embodying joy and beauty for more than one child's lifetime.

Moreover, at Cashmirino, we take pride in supporting a slow fashion approach when making our creations: our designs feel like a bespoke treasure that can be kept through generations.

Milan isn't just a city on a map; it's a part of María's heart. For 20 years, it was the backdrop to her daily life, a place where her dreams unfolded, and where the very first Cashmirino boutique welcomed those who shared in her passion for timeless luxury.

Beyond being the birthplace of Cashmirino, Milano is where María's greatest creations came to life - her three precious children. Each Cashmirino piece is it's a testament to the love, dreams, and milestones shared in this city.

Join us as we revisit the magic of Milano—a city that embraced Cashmirino's dreams, cradled María's family, and witnessed the birth of a legacy. Here's to Milano, the city that will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

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