Mind Triathlon 3

This game consists of three activities that you should complete correctly while you are being timed. All three activities must be completed correctly in order to finish the Mind Triathlon. This game can be played either individually trying to beat your own record each time or between your friends or siblings of similar ages to challenge each other. If played by several participants, the winner would be the one who has completed all of the challenges correctly in the least amount of time.

The Mind Triathlon is divided into three stages just like the sports Triathlon. In the first section, instead of swimming, you will have a math challenge, second section, instead of running you will have a letter challenge, and the last section instead of biking you will have a hidden numbers face challenge. Each individual challenge is explained below. All the challenges should be prepared prior to the start of the game so that no time is wasted in setting up and positioning the cards correctly. (pictures)


Following the equations below find out which number is associated with each animal


Write beside each animal the number associated with it. Do this as fast as you can and then move on to the next step.



  • As fast as you can, write down in the empty spaces on the alphabet soup table which animal relates to each question 
  • Once you have answered all of the questions, search for each animal word inside the alphabet soup and cross it off the table
  • Suggestions: If you do not know the answers, we suggest you go back and read the animal stories in the Cashmirino bear dad icon section on our blog https://www.cashmirino.com/blogs/lessons-with-dad
  • Once you have found all the animals in the alphabet soup table move on to the next and final challenge

1. Which animal produces around 10 gallons of saliva a day?

2. Which animal can be taught to use sign language to communicate with humans and they are the biggest?

3. Which female animal has a pouch where they keep their babies until they grow up?

4. Which animal does not chew their food, it only tears and swallows food with its big 64 teeth?

5. Which Pet animal has whiskers on their cheeks, under its eyes, jaws and forelegs. It stares a lot with bold eyes in green, blue or brown that glow in the dark?

6. Which animal is commonly referred to as mans best friend?




Hidden numbers face challenge

This face is made from 2 hidden numbers, which we will find and write down:

The hidden number for A is ----------

The hidden number for B is ---------

Need a clue?

A + B=10

A x B=24

YES!!!! You did it; you finished the third mind triathlon. You are a champion!

However, if you played this more than once, the champion of champions would be the person who has completed everything correctly in the least amount of time.


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