Sofi's 1st Golden Rule: Wash your hands often

Hello, I am Sofi, the eldest sibling of the Cashmirino bear family.

I am 8 years old. I love to dress up with my friends, read, take care of my siblings, bake and help mum design so she knows what we princesses like. 

I am going to share with you the 6 golden rules, that I share with my siblings to keep them away from this horrible coronavirus.  

First Golden Rule: Washing our little hands very often

Washing our hands can be as fun as baking a cookie

All the ingredients we need are:

  • Water 

  • Soap 


  • And our hands 


Everything is quite easy

  1. We turn on the tap and wet our hands – please don’t forget to turn off the tap before we move to the next step so we don’t waste too much water!!! 



  1. Use soap and lather our hands 

     2. Scrub our hands

     3. Rinse our hands well from soap 

     4. Dry our hands very well with a clean towel or paper….it is very important we dry our hands very well

Important tip: that will make this recipe a total success

We must scrub our hands for as long as 20 seconds – for those who don’t know what 20 seconds are, like my little twin sister Neni, count slowly until twenty or put an “and” before you go to the next number like one and two and three and four 

And for those who complain about the 20 seconds like my impatient brother Nico 

I will share with you some of my fun ideas to make these 20 seconds as fun as baking a cookie, just follow me, wherever you see this sign for our scrubbing recipe game.


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